2019 Resolutions from Creatives Living in New York

2019 Resolutions from Creatives Living in New York

It’s already Day 4 of 2019 and hopefully most of you are feeling a surge of creative energy. To start something new or continue improving on a craft is something to be proud of. Productivity can come and go, but it’s important that you just keep DOING. So in light of sharing some newfound motivation, we had several New Yorkers tell us what their creative resolutions were.  


“My one creative goal is to finish an EP of instrumentals” — Townsend, Age unknown


“To create and inspire, lighting is ephemeral, yet experiences are temporary! I shall operate on the temporal, perception as ephemeral as the sunlight that pierces blinds.” — Nicolas, 29


“Read a screenplay a week” — Mike, 22


“I plan on writing more music, but that’s a given.” — Pasquale, 22


“I really like to draw in the anime style. It’s really fun and I enjoy doing it, but I would like to grow and find new mediums to try out in order to improve my own artwork. And I would do that by going to classes and reading about the medium.” — Alex, 12


“To minimize, if not remove the distractions that keep me from discovering the depths of my mind & creative consciousness.” — Alba, 22


“My resolution is to finish something. I have a tendency to create a bunch of projects and not finish just one. I’m working on an instrumental right now where I sample CEOs giving public apologies after scandals. I like the concept so I want to make it good. It’s just hard to get it to a point where I’m actually happy with the result.” — Thomas, 26


“Gain self love.” — Nyjah, 18


“My resolution is to never be afraid of how vulnerable or revealing my lyrics might get and to keep being honest with myself. That’s the most important part of songwriting to me: honesty.” — John, 26


“I wanna get piss drunk and get a random tattoo on my butt.” — Honour, Age unknown


“Never drinking again.” — Charles, 22


“I hope to find more inspiration for my work and to be able to motivate myself to create more. I want to be more self reliant.” — Victoria, 21


“My resolution would be to stop waiting around for things to write about. Try and actively look for things and stop expecting them to come to me. In other words, stop being complacent.” — Luis, 24


“I want to be a better listener.” — Ace, 3


“Djing at least 6 parties.” — Alejandro, 22


“Trust myself as an improviser in order to connect more to my emotions and think less about the notes I’m playing.” — Theo, 17


“To embrace duality in my artwork and life.” — Cassandra, 21


“To be an artist.” — Kayleigh, 7


“I want to build my own personal design portfolio.” — Renee, 24


“Have J Cole listen to one of my tracks.” — Alvin, 21


“Learn how to cross-stitch! Also practice more silence.” — Jennie, 35


“My creative resolution is to create things that make people want to create. Number one on my list is mural making.” — Latifah, 29


“Read more, drink more water, run more, wear deodorant, learn to ride a bike, wash and brush my hair more, get better grades, write more.” — Jewel, 10


“I’ve resolved to do one creative thing every day, be it drawing, painting, or working on a bigger project. Also since I collect a lot of found objects, to not bring anymore materials in until some larger pieces are finished. Also, three pages of free writing every morning is helpful. So many… Also, I resolve to not make resolutions.” —  Lynn, 48


“Writing on my walls… seriously. I’m writing a book, but I feel better about it being on my wall than typing on a computer. I’m a child– a fucking child.” — Bre, 33

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