Brotherhood and Music Reviews: Chow Squared Music

Brotherhood and Music Reviews: Chow Squared Music

By Chelsea Booth

Chow Squared Music is a collaborative music review YouTube channel run by twin brothers Dylan and Brandon Chow. Both brothers, who are devout hip-hop heads, cover all genres on their channel and serve up videos that hold back no punches.

“Throughout high school, Brandon and I loved watching YouTube reviewers and reactors like Anthony Fantano, BigQuint and DeadEndHipHop to discover new music. Not only would we have conversations about the music being reviewed or reacted to, but the videos themselves. It just spoke to how connecting, personal and human a video can be as a medium.”


“I just wanted to share my love and passion for music with others. Dylan and I already talk about new albums with each other, so we thought, ‘Why not film our conversations and try to build a community with others who share our same passion,’” says Brandon.


And now with Chow Squared’s newly self-proclaimed challenge of delivering videos that are minute or less, their reviews are more potent than ever. “Given our schedules and the fact we live in different states, we started finding it difficult to record and edit longer form video, so switching to one-minute videos was just more convenient and allows us to cover more albums,” explained the two-minute-older, Dylan.  And while this format may be more convenient for them, it’s really more convenient for us; each video is direct and gets straight to the point and without any musical jargon.


For the brothers, the project is all about the music and Dylan affirms, “We realized we wanted to be part of the awesome discourse that was taking place online too and share our love for music with the world. The rest is history.”


Check out both Dylan and Brandon’s midyear top five album round up and make sure to subscribe to their channel.


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