Captured: Osheaga Festival (Photo Gallery)

Captured: Osheaga Festival (Photo Gallery)

My brother came back not too long ago from a music festival in Montreal called, Osheaga. And of course, I wanted to be there. But it’s true that life doesn’t grant my every wish and reverie of attending every amazing show and artist I’d die to see. Sigh, C’est la vie. So, all I can really do is keep blasting Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool on my commutes to the city and hope that one day I will get to revel in the same room as them, or¬†spontaneously combust from fan overload. ¬†And it’s not to say the rest of the lineup wasn’t special, because it really fucking was…Red Hot Chili Peppers, Death Cab For Cutie, M83, The Lumineers, Haim, The Last Shadow Puppets, Foals, and just about everyone else on there. Let me just die right now…

Anyway, I have no choice but to get over what I missed out, so here’s a couple of photos snapped with a Samsung Galaxy S6 of some of the festival’s best highlights.


(Photo Credit: Ben Hwang)

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