Experience Dreams in Real Life at Dream Machine

Experience Dreams in Real Life at Dream Machine

By Ariana Hwang

Dreams open up a new world for us, in which we are confronted by the most whimsical, strange, or sometimes scariest thoughts. It’s no wonder why we’re so fascinated by them. So what happens when we can really walk inside a dream?


Dream Machine is our answer, an immersive experience for people to enter different dreamworlds. Set in Williamsburg are 10 custom-designed rooms created by Dream Machine founders Gary Johnson and Paige Solomon. Dreamers can find themselves in a room full of clouds, an infinite galaxy, or a blue ball pit. Adults are invited to feel like children again, letting their imaginations run even more wild. Launching on April 5th and running until May, don’t miss the chance to buy a ticket to this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

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