Finding Beauty Everywhere at Afropunk

Finding Beauty Everywhere at Afropunk

By Chelsea Booth

Fashion icon Hedi Slimane once told Vanity Fair that the most stylish woman in the world is “some unknown girl on the dance floor.” But even if you could have taken the most stylish unknown person from every dance floor in the world, and put them  all in one place, the cumulative amount of fashion finesse would still be no match for the amount of style and coolness everyone possessed at Afropunk this weekend. “It feels like I’m at Fashion Week,” Lullavie’s own Ariana Hwang remarked.


However, unlike Fashion Week, Afropunk is a celebration of blackness and was filled with fashion, music, activism, art, community, love and overall good vibes; everyone was welcomed, embraced and included. There was not one note of judgment in the air. The only requirement for entry (besides a ticket) is to show up as your best most creative, authentic, unaltered, beautiful black or unblack self.


Here are some pictures from the second glorious day of Afropunk 2018:

Afropunk 2018 fashion

Right: Nancy J @thegirleetomboy

Left: Kavana L @trinisolovely_Afropunk 2018 fashion

Kamon Cash @Kamon_cash

afropunk 2018 fashion

Joshua Hewitt @saint_howie

Afropunk 2018 Fashion

Arianna Benson @anabensonn

afropunk 2018 fashion

Samantha Everette @thequeenofvacations

afropunk 2018 fashion

Akira @organicroyalty

afropunk 2018 fashion

Crystal Anderson @beerbotes_chainsaws

afropunk 2018 fashion

Wearing a fabulous hat.

afropunk 2018 fashion

Blooming ladies.

Family Grub Time!

“Everything Black Matters”.

afropunk 2018 fashion

Unknown Fashion Lords.

afropunk 2018 candid

Girls grab a better view.

pusha-t at afropunk 2018


Our very own flower boy, Tyler, the Creator.

Nakhane in red from head to toe.
afropunk 2018 hair village

Hair Village.

afropunk 2018 vendor

A sea of color at every vendor.

afropunk 2018 art

“The People Resist”.

Can we go back to the start?

Photography By Ariana Hwang

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