Going Solo—From Dum Dum Girls to Kristin Kontrol

Going Solo—From Dum Dum Girls to Kristin Kontrol

By Ariana Hwang

Happiness can be formed by reinvention. And sometimes the change needs to be drastic. This is one lesson we can take from  Kristin Welchez and her music career.

Eight years ago, Welchez began her successful career with an alter-ego, “Dee Dee.” She was the lead singer of an all girl, Californian rock band, Dum Dum Girls. With three albums & four EPs, her band maintained a staple look of gothic dress and a staple lo-fi sound that fans adored and came to expect. On Youtube, videos of  Dum Dum Girls mostly reached more than 100,000 views and sometimes more than a million (like the song “Coming Down”). In 2009, the band had signed with Sub Pop Records and later down the line, their popularity got them featured in popular shows like Vampire Diaries, Orange is the New Black and even Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The band’s success however didn’t cheer Kristin the way she thought it would. After playing music for several years with Dum Dum Girls, she didn’t feel that she was staying true to herself. The music was beginning to make her feel confined. Seeking a solution, she consequently made the decision to cut herself out of the band and start over with her music. The Dee Dee days were officially over. Kristin Kontrol now confidently reigned and took their place.


What are you doing now?


LA to NY—why?

Credit: BB Gun PR
Credit: BB Gun PR


What prompted Kristin Kontrol?


Sound of the new album, X-Communicate?


Any bad feelings after leaving Dum Dum Girls?


Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Credit: Wikipedia Commons


Appreciation for the 80s?


Advice from Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)?


Writing 62 songs and picking only 10 for X-Communicate?


Reverse guitar solo in a song & favorite song on X-Communicate?


Including personal life into music?


Introverted or extraverted?


Any change of visual elements with music?


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