Come to Lullavie’s Launch Party

Come to Lullavie’s Launch Party

By Ariana Hwang


A year ago, I changed the direction of my life by creating a new website. I know it sounds drastic, but beginning a site really feels like a pipe dream once you figure out just how much work it takes. Priorities shifted greatly; I had to learn and still am in the process of learning web design, HTML, audio editing, email marketing, analytics, booking, and much more. For awhile, especially on my low days, I’d think “Shit, what did I get myself into.” I had to be obsessed with my own idea succeeding, possessing just enough confidence to ignore any close person’s skepticism and the reality of an overly saturated web. Sometimes I felt like I was talking too much about the content I was already drafting in my mind, while the other person had enough of it. It was my mistake, but my mistake also revealed how ambitious I was growing day by day. I wanted this site to be more than just a culmination of my work as a radio host; I’m still hoping it can become a source for storytelling and artists to come to when they feel like expressing themselves beyond their music or some words a music critic wrote about their latest work. From Youtube, I once found this independent Canadian record label run by musicians and creatives my age, and felt a sense of envy at how communal they appeared to be, supporting each others shows, filling in for each other when spots were missing, as music video director, photographer, bassist, make up artist, etc. Everyone seemed willing to help each other out and contribute to projects that weren’t necessarily started by them; I see a lot of people here in NYC doing it on their own, marketing themselves without any help, and it’s just incredibly hard to do. That’s why we have PR right? Similar to the label, I’ve always admired the way So Far Sounds was able to pull together a community of strangers and music lovers to enjoy music in one room. I would like to think this site can become that room, inspiring more to the imagination in all of us.


So hopefully throwing a launch party will be the next big step to accomplishing this notion. I have since booked a lineup of singer songwriters and bands that will be performing this Saturday, July 22nd, in Brooklyn at a small venue called Muchmore’s. I hope that it will run smoothly, that checking people in and timing each set won’t be a mess, or that people will actually show. I still have to remain pragmatic and maintain balanced expectations for this upcoming event. However, I am fully confident in the talents of everyone who is involved: Matteo Scher & Stella Rose, Tayla St. Rose, Steven Murillo (of Someone in a Tree), Seldomo, Cloud Tapes, and Fox Hollow. These artistic personalities will play for three hours and decorate the night with brilliant music.

Matteo (Singer Songwriter, Pop Piano)

Tayla St. Rose (Singer Songwriter, RnB/Pop)

Someone in a Tree (Indie/Alternative Rock Band)

Seldomo (Indie/Electronic Folk Artist)

Cloud Tapes (Alternative Rock/Grunge band)

Fox Hollow (Indie/Glam Rock band)

Save the date!

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