What you can submit:

  •  Written Pieces: Interviews, Reviews, Creative stories, Essays, Diaries, lists.


  • Art: graphic, drawings, paintings, photos, etc.
  • Videos: Sessions, vlogs, discussion, lookbooks, etc.
  • Music: Are you a music lover and want to showcase artists you think need special attention?  Or are YOU a musician? We are here to help promote! Either our writers will contact you in regards to your writing or write some love for your tunes. But preferably, we’d love for you to talk about your music in more personal detail. We need more info than just a song. Give us a brief or full story, or an experience with your music. MP3, Mp4, Dropbox, Google Drive accepted.


Please Include:

  • Your Full Name
  • Type of Submission (ex: Essay) Put this in subject line 
  • Title of Submission (ex: “My Day At A Kanye West Concert”)
  • Brief Summary (What you wrote about)
  • Sources (If you pull any facts or pictures that are not yours, please add the links)





Further Info:


Be as CONCISE as possible. However, longer submissions (i.e. long form) can sometimes be exceptions. Just don’t send us a novel.



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