Tall Juan Describes His Tattoos and “Chinese Rock”

Tall Juan Describes His Tattoos and “Chinese Rock”

Who He Is:

“Radicated in Far Rockaway, NY. The Argentinean Tall Juan Zaballa is looking to translate into music the feelings of living in the city. Fast, simple and Directly He expresses it strumming his nylon-acoustic guitar, onto fast beats accompanied by his energetic moves.” —Tall Juan Bandcamp Bio

      Why he Wrote “Chinese Rock”:

“Because I was dating this girl. She was doing heroin a lot. I dated that girl for a couple months only but I don’t know why I got so…You know when love hits hard?…Actually, the whole EP is dedicated to her.”


His Songs Featured: It’s True, Chinese Rock, I Don’t Know What To Do


Tall Juan Covers: Kaya by Bob Marley

For More Tall Juan:





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